Local 132 Pad Blue

Inlight Therapy’s medium-sized Local 132 Blue/NIR pad delivers powerful photon energy for individuals seeking pain relief, improved circulation, tissue regeneration, and overall wellness through the therapeutic benefits of photobiomodulation (PBM).

(1) FREE 132 BLUE Local Pad
Included with Every 6/Port System Package, or 6/Port Controller.
($350 Value!)

No Alterations, Exchanges, or Substitutions are Allowed.
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Local 132 Pad Blue

The Local 132 Blue and Near-Infrared (NIR) pad offers versatile applications for individuals seeking the therapeutic benefits of photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy. Designed for comfort, this pad can cover any surface of the body.

Therapeutic Effects of PBM: This nonthermal process yields therapeutic benefits, including pain relief, improved circulation, inflammation reduction, modulation of the immune response, and facilitation of wound healing and tissue regeneration.

  • The pad’s 132 diodes promote PBM by combining blue and near-infrared (NIR) photon energy over non-ionizing wavelengths
  • The pad features 60 Blue diodes (470 nm) and 72 NIR diodes (850 nm)
  • The combined LED array is embedded into a soft, flexible neoprene pad for adaptable application opportunities
  • The pad may be secured comfortably with an included elastic hook-and-loop strap
  • All Inlight Therapy pads are interchangeable with all Inlight Therapy controllers
  • Controller required; sold separately
  • Inlight Therapy includes a two-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship from the purchase date
Weight2 lbs
Dimensions9.0 × 8.0 × 0.5 in
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