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All Inlight Therapy Product(s) are automatically registered for warranty at the time of purchase. There is no need to complete or submit a separate warranty form.

Inlight Therapy warrants each new device purchased after August 31, 2019, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for two (2) years from the date of purchase.
All Inlight Therapy products purchased before September 1, 2019, included a one (1) year warranty. 

The obligation of Inlight Therapy under this warranty is expressly, solely, and exclusively limited to the repair of the unit(s) or any parts thereof, which to the satisfaction of Inlight Therapy, shall have become defective during the warranty period. This warranty does not extend to any liability to medical expenses or for any other direct, indirect, or consequential damages caused by failure, defect, or malfunction of any Inlight Therapy product, except as herein provided. 

This warranty shall not apply to any Inlight Therapy product that has been repaired, tampered with, or altered by someone other than a duly authorized Inlight Therapy representative, or that has not been used following the enclosed instructions or stated purpose. All accessories used with an Inlight Therapy device must be provided by Inlight Therapy or an authorized representative, including the power supply and securing straps. If accessories of this nature not provided by Inlight Therapy or an authorized representative, are used with an Inlight Therapy system, this warranty will be voided. Additionally, Inlight Therapy will not be held liable for any mishaps related to the Inlight Therapy product. 

This warranty is warranted by Inlight Therapy and is deemed to be the only warranty honored by Inlight Therapy in place of all warranties expressed or provided by all other merchants, distributors, companies, or persons. No person or entity has the authority to bind Inlight Therapy products to any warranty or guarantee except as specifically set forth herein.

If you have any questions about reconditioning or repairing a product you already own or if you have questions about our products including information, prices, and ordering product, please select from the following links below.

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