About Us

David Melone, CEO
Inventor of the Inlight Therapy technology,
Co-founder of Inlight Therapy, Inc. 

Jane Melone, COO
Co-founder of Inlight Therapy, Inc.

The specialized light energy delivered by our products supports the body’s natural healing processes while increasing circulation and decreasing pain.

Innovation. It isn’t something you do to get famous. It’s a calling, a passion, and the process takes time. Each idea forges a new path, connecting to other concepts and considerations. Innovative solutions are achieved along the way, yet they are only part of an ongoing set of progressive accomplishments. At Inlight Therapy, Inc., innovation has taken us on a 38-year journey in which we have committed our careers, families, and lives to create the finest LED light therapy technology in the marketplace. 

The official logo of Inlight Therapy Inc.

Inlight Therapy is family-owned and operated, with two generations dedicated to the design, quality manufacturing, and delivery of the finest LED Light Energy Systems available in any marketplace.

Our journey began in 1983 when current CEO, David Melone, accepted a technician position at the local LED manufacturer, CEFCO, upon returning home to Inola, Oklahoma, from the Marine Corps. During his first five years of immersing himself in the world of the LED light therapy industry, the devices were patented, met and married Jane Telford, saw demand for this technology grow, and became an official CEFCO partner in 1990. All the while, David and Jane spent evenings and weekends assembling circuit boards in their living room and committing themselves to an industry in which they would ultimately become key contributors. In the decades following, the couple established new plants while learning and incorporating new technology, including microprocessor controllers and flexible neoprene pads, to modify and enhance their products.

Finally, in 2013, after purchasing a new building in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and merging their device manufacturing and distribution operations, David and Jane successfully combined all aspects of the business, making all necessary adjustments, efficiencies, and improvements under one roof creating Inlight Therapy, Inc.

We're focused on serving and supporting our customers and our distribution network with consistency, integrity, and respect.

After 38 years of uncompromising innovation, Inlight Therapy now houses a fantastic team that designs, manufactures, and services the highest quality LED light therapy products available for clinical and home use.

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