About Us

David Melone, CEO
Inventor of the Inlight Therapy technology,
Co-founder of Inlight Therapy, Inc. 

Jane Melone, COO
Co-founder of Inlight Therapy, Inc.

Our products utilize wavelengths of targeted light energy – engaging with the body’s natural healing processes, improving circulation, and reducing pain.

Each year marks a new milestone in our journey! In June 2024, we celebrate 39 years of dedication, innovation, and success. We are immensely grateful for the trust and support of our authorized representatives, customers, partners, and team members who have been instrumental in our growth and achievements.

Reflecting on our journey, we’re thrilled with the milestones achieved and challenges overcome. Each year reaffirms our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services, consistently exceeding expectations.

The official logo of Inlight Therapy Inc.

We are a two-generation family business, dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and delivering superior quality LED Light Energy Systems available – in any market.

Our journey began in 1983 when David Melone, our CEO, joined CEFCO as a technician after returning to Inola, Oklahoma, from the Marine Corps. Over the next five years, David immersed himself in the LED light therapy industry, met and married Jane Telford, saw demand for the technology grow, and became a CEFCO partner in 1990. During this time, David and Jane spent their evenings and weekends assembling circuit boards, dedicating themselves to the industry.

Over the following decades, the couple established new plants and enhanced their products with microprocessor controllers and flexible neoprene pads. As the company continued to grow, in 2023, operations were consolidated in a new building in Angel Fire, New Mexico, streamlining the business into what is now Inlight Therapy, Inc.

We're excited about future opportunities and committed to our legacy of excellence.
Our exceptional team is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and servicing high-quality LED light therapy products for both clinical and home use. We look forward to serving our customers and distribution network with passion, integrity, and innovation.

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